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All services come with a 1 Year Warranty on Labor, Manufactures Warranty on Parts
Hourly Rate = $45 per hour
All Guns that require test firing
$30 + ammo cost
Clean & Check : complete disassemble, clean, inspection of parts, re-assemble
$45 and up
Trigger Job : set & adjust trigger, polish mating surfaces, test for safety
                       (does not include new trigger set or springs if required)
$65 and up
Check Head Space : most rifles and Semi-Auto pistols
$35 and up
Firearm Safety and Function check (test fire extra if required)
Diagnose function problem & repair OR send to Manufacturer (our rate & parts +
                                               shipping and Manufacture Charges)
Hourly Rate +
Fit recoil pad
Remove Live Round Stuck in Chamber
$75 and up
Remove stuck fired case
Hourly Rate
Scope Mount and Bore sight (includes sight in target) (drill and tap holes extra)
Tighten slide
Bore Sight ( includes sight in target)
Drill and Tap (labor only) per hole
After Market Trigger Installation ( + parts)
$45 and up